About Us


The owners of Silk Base Closures have been wearing weaves for a total of 14 years.  With years and years of experience, they are considered experts when it comes to knowledge of hair, from Yaki, to Wavy, to Straight, to Remy, to Indian, to Bohemian.  


They became interested in Closures about 5 years ago and started researching and purchasing Silk Base Lace Front Closures from different Vendors.  They did however come to like this one particular vendor, the only problem with the Vendor’s product was that the product had to be customized upon arrival, meaning, the design and specifications of the Closure was too large, so they had to cut the Silk Base Lace Front Closure and sew the end pieces back together, so that the closure would appear more natural once sewn onto the head. This cutting of the Closure compromised the integrity of the piece, which often caused shredding at an early stage (shedding creates bold spots in the closure).  Not to mention that the scalp had to be colored and dyed, due to the closures base had a white/cream coloration. They realized that most customers do not want to cut their closure due to fear of messing up the piece, but also most customers do not want to look weavy either, and in order not to look weavy one had to cut their closure. Lastly, most customers do not want to have to dye their base in order for the scalp to look more natural. The owners' of Silk Base Closures picture is on the main closure page of this Vendor’s site, but this is a picture, after the piece was customized (cut) and dyed by the Owners.


The owners of Silk Base Closures saw a need and niche for Silk Base Lace Front Closures to appear more natural looking, and thus the creation of a business was born.  After months and months of working with several vendors in China, and consulting with their sister (who is a licensed cosmetologist) the owners found the perfect Craftsman in China, and started working with him and his company to design the perfect Lace Silk Base Closure with the particular specification that would create a natural hairline, a natural scalp base and more importantly a natural look that was not weavy.  The owners of Silk Base Closures are proud to introduce its first Silk Base Lace Front Closure product that it sure to please. ENJOY.