our silk base lace closures


A Silk Base Lace Front Closure is a Closure that is worn with a weave to give a natural looking hair line; the Silk Base material creates a scalp for these closures, and therefore can be parted and styled in any matter.  What make our closures different from the rest is:

  1. Our Closures are not bulky, and do not appear weavy- we worked with the best company in china, who hand crafted and customized our lace silk base closures to our specifications. This is the single most important point that makes our closures different; the size is perfect (3.5" X 3"), and is designed in more of a square design rather than an oval design.  Ever looked at a person, who appear to have a lot of hair sitting on their heads, and nothing looks natural (ie. Rapper Trina Lace Wig, or Classy from Real Chance of Love Lace Wig)? Our Design and particular Measurements and Specs are what set our Lace Front Closures apart from any other company out there.
  1. Our Closures have nothing but the best quality hair, and will last through multiple installs.  Our Closures will usually last 3-6 months if properly taken care of.
  1. Our Closures is reasonably priced.  We understand that good quality hair cost money, and in addition to getting 6oz – 8oz of hair (or 2 packs of good quality hair) along with buying a closure, along with paying for the install, can become very expensive. If the closure last 6 – 8 months the cost calculation is about $15.00 - $20.00 month. 
  1. Our company does not offer a small closure and a large closure for a higher price, we have one size, and that’s it. The measurement of our closures are the perfect size of 3.5" X 3".  Companies often offer both small and large in order to get more money out of a customer, often selling out of the large Closures, and having nothing but Small Closures in inventory, that don’t even compare, in terms of styling options.
  1. Our Silk Base Lace Front Closures blend very well with most skin tones. Our silk base flesh has more of a light brown coloration as oppose to a pale flesh tone, which is found on most silk base closures.
  1. All returns must be in new condition, not worn or altered with original package. We have live customer service reps who will answer your calls and all questions you may have, and we offer Bulk Discount, to Beauty Salons, Technicians, and Suppliers. All inquiries can be sent via email to info@silkbaseclosures.com or via our contact page. We will make sure we will contact you within 24 hours of receiving your inquiry.



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