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We would really like to thank our customers for your continued support. Putting our customers first is our priority.


Note To Customers: Please email us your images to us and we will give you a credit towards your next order.

Customer - Straight Lace Frontal Bundle  


Customer - Natural Wavy Lace Frontal  

Customer - Straight Lace Frontal Bundle  

Customer - Straight Lace Frontal Bundle  

Customer - Straight Lace Frontal Bundle  

Customer - Natural Wavy Lace Wig  

Customer - Natural Wavy Lace Frontal  

Customer - Loose Curl Lace Frontal Bundle  

Customer - Lace Frontal Bundle - Natural Wavy  

Customer - Natural Wavy Lace Frontal Bundle  

Customer - Straight Lace Frontal Bundle  

Customer - Silkbase Natural Wavy Bundle  

Customer - Silkbase Straight Closure Bundle



Customer - 360 Lace Frontal Bundle



Customer - 360 Natural Wavy Lace Frontal



Customer - Lace Frontal



Lace Frontal Wig - Straight



360 Curly Lace Frontal Band Bundle  


360 Natural Wavy Lace Frontal Band Bundle  


Analiese - Straight Closure



Hey girls it's Analiese , i just wanted to update you guys , I recently got my closure installed and it looks great! Thanks for always responding to my questions and i am excited and i have been getting alot
of compliments already! Here are a few pics of my  hair!
Christina - 20" Chinese Loose Curl Bundle  







Netay - Christina's Client  



Thank you! I got my hair done by That Hair Chick using your closure and I love it! I already had my own 8oz of Virgin Indian Wavy hair from a different company that I reused and I was amazed that your closure blended right with it! Well done! 

Odessa - Christina's Client - Wavy Bundle (Flat Ironed)



Sharon - Wavy Bundle




Leola - Straight Closure



Let me just say, words can not express how happy i am with your beautiful silk clousure. I have successfully used my closure for 5 installs. Everyone wants to know my "secret"! The quality cant be matched anywhere by anyone. I have gotten so many more modeling jobs because of the confidence your product helps me to exude. I will be ordering a bundle package in the next week. Thank you for everything. You have a customer for life :)


Lydia - Straight Closure


Andrea - Straight Closure


  Hello my name is Andrea. In this pic i purchased the 16inch straight closure. I love it I've been getting so many compliments on my on my hair. It looks soooooo natural I am most defiantly going to be a loyal customer!!!

Thaie - Straight Bundle 22"



Hey ladiess,
I purchased the straight bundle with a Malaysian closure and your 22" indian hair (by the way - which matched perfectly). I love it so much I had to send these pictures before my stylist cut and styled my hair and before I even put my makeup on. My hairline look so natural that my stylist will be buying a bulk order from you soon. She wants to be able to offer it to all her customers. My natural hair was so damaged I thought that I would be stuck with wearing braids for a year. My friend purchased a closure for you guys back in December and I couldn't believe how good her closure still looks. You guys responded all my questions and have wonderful customer service. You have gained a customer for life. Thanks again. Thaie...

Terri - Straight Closure




Hello my name is Terri and I must say that I absolutely LOVE my closure! The closure isthe  right size and matches perfectly with my Malaysian hair! I am 150% sataified with the overall product! I have not encountered any issues at all with my closure! I cant wait to try the other textures! Not one day has passed that I havent recieved compliments! I will definately be a returning customer!;)


Tiffany - Wavy Hair




My name is Tiffany and I purchased the 14" Virgin Remy Wavy hair. I am so in love with this hair and the quality. My natural hair blends perfect with this hair, the shedding is minimal, and I have not had any tangles. People
are constantly complimenting me on my hair. And not only is the hair good but the customer service is also a plus. I am definitely a satisfied customer!


Tiffany -Las Vegas - Wavy Bundle




Ashley - Straight Closure




Latoya - Straight Closure




As you know my name is LaToya and I am definitely a good customer and I will continue to do so because as I said before you ladies are examples of what a true professional is.
Thank You Again


Analiese - With Our Indian Wavy Hair



As you know my name is LaToya and I am defiantely a good customer and I will continue to do so because as I said before you ladies are examples of what a true professional is. Thank You Again

Lydia - Wavy Starter Kit



From Wavy To Straight  

Hi. Im Lydia. I am wearing the Silkbase Closure and the Wayy Indian Hair (Starter kit bundle), both purchase here at Silkbaseclosures. I also purchased the same for my Daughter Mercedes. Mine still have the natural color vs my Daughters which has been dyed black. We both get so many compliments. Lots of questions. I enjoy doing business with the SBC ladies. Not only are they beautiful but are very professional. Thank you so much! I look forward to doing more business with you in the future!


Mercedes - Wavy Bundle


Lydia & Daughter Mercedes  

Jessica Before Pic

Jessica After Pic - Natural Wavy Bundle
(Hair and Closure)


Mary - Straight Bundle




Hi My name is Mary R. IM ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE WITH MY 18" VIRGIN STRAIGHT BUNDLE INSTALLATION!!! I have received so many compliments. Thanks to my hairstylist Celena who did the layered cut for me which completed the look!! The hair is so soft & manageble & easy to maintain. I just love the way the closure completes the look. IT'S  SO REALISTIC. THANK YOU LADIES YOU HAVE FOUND A LIFE TIME CUSTOMER... Not to mention the customer service is EXCELLENT what more can you ask for?  NEXT UP.. 18" WAVY BUNDLE KIT.. I CANT WAIT

Shonna - Wavy Bundle  


Hi!  I'm Shonna.  I am wearing the 14in. Wavy Indian Remy with closure.   I love the hair and received so many compliments.  My Mom Mary loved my hair so much she will also be making a purchase and would like to try the
curly texture.  I would like to thank Lydia for referring me to Silkbaseclosures.  The owners are very professional and prompt at responding and I look forward to working with them in the future!

Daria - Straight Closure  

Kristen - Wavy Bundle  


Kristen - Straight Bundle - Indian Hair


Estelle - Wavy Bundle  

I am a very satisfied customer and i love your closures.
Antwonette - Wavy Bundle  


As I told you before, I was apprehensive about using the closure for my wedding because I didn't know what to expect. However, it was PERFECT! In fact...the best part about my wedding hairstyle was my realistic closure! Everyone loved it! It held up so well on our honeymoon to the Bahamas! I will be buying again soon....very soon! Thanks ladies!



Antwonette - Loose Curl Bundle




Hey ladies! I am happy to say that again..I AM MORE THAN SATISFIED with my closure! I loved my install before, but I love it even more this time! This is my second time ordering from you and it will not be the last! In fact...I can't wait to order again! Thanks got being the professionals you are and for offering such quality products!



Mary - Curly Bundle  

Yolanda - Straight Closure


Meekie - Loose Curly Bundle (Customer flat ironed loose curly hair)


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Krystal H -Loose Curl Bundle


 Hi Ladies,
It's Krystal. I purchased the loose curl bundle package back in MAY and it's still beautiful today! In these photos, I loosened the curl pattern just a bit with a 1 1/2" barreled curling iron. The hair and closure look so natural that my mother couldn't even tell that it wasn't my hair! Not to mention, you ladies are super sweet and completely professional! I have referred Silk Base Closures to all of my friends and my stylist here in South Florida. I am a loyal customer for life! Thank you so much!

Best Regards,
Celeste - Wavy Bundle


Deanna - Curly Bundle


curly silk top wig

curly silk top closure
 I'm Deanna and I ordered the curly bundle package and am very pleased with the hair. I will be a repeat customer ordering the straight bundle next time. Thank You
Jada - Wavy Bundle



Stephanie- Loose Curl Bundle (Hair is Straighten)



Allison - Wavy Bundle


Alisha - Loose Curl Bundle


curly silk top closure

Deja - Straight Bundle


Lokie Halloween Pic- Wavy Bundle

Joba - Straight Closure

Monique- 16" Wavy Bundle


Kenya - Grade A Wavy Hair  

Toni - Wavy Bundle



Sasha- Wavy Closure




Sasha- Loose Curl Bundle (Flat Ironed)





The above image is of Sasha after the hair has been straighten and washed 4 months later. The above picture the customer has decided to wear the closure behind the hair line. (Customer left some hair our around the edges).

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Keisha- Straight Closure




Jemeiah - Loose Curl Bundle




This is my 18inch indian loose curly full head weave, I love it the quality is so fantastic,its very soft and pretty, I dyed it black on the bottom and light brown on top! Thank you ladies*


Ashia- Straight Closure



My name is Ashia. I ordered the Straight Silk Base Closure...this is a month old now. I used Indian Remi hair but it blended well. I didn't leave any of my edges out when I sewed it in and it looks so real. I wash it once every week sometimes twice and it just flows right back. I haven't experienced any issues with tangling. I recommend the closure to everyone!!!


Thanks Silk Base Closures!

Tori- 18" Loose Wavy Bundle




Ivy- Loose Curl Closure (Customer sewn entire unit down with leaving edges out)


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Courtney- Loose Curl Bundle




Carla - Straight Bundle




Jaquetta - Wavy Bundle




Chantaya - Natural Wavy Closure




Hello ladies, Just emailing you guys with photos to let you know how please I am with my natural wavy silk based closure. I sewed mine onto a net cap to make a wig and I love it, love it, love it. I want to order the loose curl very soon. Thank you


Darreal - Straight Closure




Rushell - Straight Bundle




Hello ladies, Hi my name is Rushell. I am a cosmetologist and my biggest problem was leaving hair out. I wanted long natural looking hair but my hair is dry and brittle and I don't want a completely full weave sew in closure because it looks so fake because the part is not natural. But silk base closures solved all of those problems!!

The quality of this hair is absolutely amazing.. It's so thick, flowy, & tangle-free! We got so many comments and stares because the closure is so FLAWLESS!! I just told them "I have Indian in me!" :) I am now a dedicated customer now!



Quierra - Loose Curl Indian Bundle



Hello I just wanted to say that I am so satisfied with the hair and the closure. I've had it in my hair for 3 months now installed january 8 and the hair is still full the closure is full I love it! I've colored the hair and it still has luster! Here are a few pictures of my hair your company knows hair.


Ashley - Chinese Straight Bundle




Renee- Straight Malaysian 14" Bundle



I absolutely love my new hair.........thanks ladies!!!
Rhonda - 20" Loose Curl Bundle - Chinese


After 10 weeks

After 10 weeks


Reshawn - Natural Wavy Malaysian 16" Bundle



My previous extensions were virgin Indian loose curl without a closure. I loved the natural appearance but wanted to protect my hair from heat. Now that I have Malaysian wavy I find it much easier to manage. While I like to wear the hair flat ironed I do not want a bone straight look. The closure allows me to get up and go without the daily worry of blending. I'm adjusting to the closure but love the hair quality and receive regular compliments. I tie it down at night and feel as though it lays closer to my head a week later than it did upon initial install. I'm very happy to have received the hair before we leave for vacation. Althought the baby hair is there I haven't quite figured what to do with it. :) Thanks again for your assistance!

Melena - Loose Curl Indian 16" Bundle



Ladies, I absolutely LOVE this hair! I ordered the Loose Curl Bundle and I have no regrets. This is the second time I've had a full weave, the first time was without a closure and the hair tangled and shed so badly! This hair is soft and luxurious, no tangles, barely any shedding and this is after multiple washes, flat ironing and curling and I really appreciated the convenience of the bundle products. I have received so many compliments and inquires about this hair; I will definitely continue to do business with Silkbaseclosures.

Lisa - Natural Wavy Closure



I love the closure I got from silkbaseclosures. I've had many other closures and they weren't as real looking as the one I brought from here. Thank you for adding the install video.. it was perfect!! The closure matches my virgin indian remy perfect. I just order the brazillian bundle and can't wait for the arrival. I know I am going to love it! I have told all who would listen.. don't go to anymore beauty supplies because its a waste of your money. Silkbaseclosure is the way to go!!!! Special thanks to Reggie for your great customer service. Keep up the good work.

Diane - 14" Loose Curl Bundle



Once again Thank You !! And you have a customer for life

Marquita - Straight Closure


I received my package today and I am super happy!! The closure is the bomb! The quality of hair you provide is far superior than any other hair I have had in the past and blends so well with the hair I already had. Shipping was super fast, great customer service and quality product = One happy hair diva!! Thank you so much for what you do!! Expect more orders from me in the future!

Ezinwanyi - Straight Closure




Ezinwanyi - 14' Brazilian Loose Curl Bundle


Testimony:...I love this brazilian hair!!!..Ezinwanyi


Tamika- Natural Wavy Closure




Shyera - 18 Wavy Bundle



18 wavy bundle. I love this hair and will never go back to beauty supply store hair. Thank you to the ladies at Silkbase Closure....Shyera

Kandi- Natural Wavy Chinese 16" Bundle



Hi ladies! I love the hair! I will be buying again real soon! Thank you!

Rushell - 14" Straight Bundle



Hey again its Rushell!! I cut and colored my #1B Indian Remi Wavy 14" to a lighter more colorful hue. This gives it a sassy flare. I've had this hair in since April and its now August. No problems at all! I am a customers for life.

Niambi - 20" Loose Curl Bundle




Brandy - Natural Wavy Closure



My name is Brandy and I ordered a natural wavy closure and combined it with Indian remy hair that I previously purchased. The closure blended perfectly with my hair and it came out beautifully (see attached pictures). The expedited shipping was wonderful and I had my closure within 24 hours. Thank you Silk Closures and keep up the good work.

Michelle - 18" Virgin Brazilian Hair



I absolutely love my 18" Brazilian Wavy hair that I ordered from Silk Base Closures. I can truly say that this hair holds true to the description..... never tangles (not even when wet). It looks beautiful whether flat ironed, curled or worn wet and wavy. I was very skeptical but took a chance and am glad that I did. I'm a bit lazy when it gets late so I never wrap it up and it still looks just as beautiful as the day before. Love, love, love it :-) Thanks! Michelle

Tara - 16" Indian Loose Curl Bundle



Hi Ladies
I ordered the 16in loose curl Indian bundle and absolutely LOVE the closure and have been recommending you to everyone i come across. My friend just recieved her 20in Brazilian and thats on my wish list NEXT! Ill be in contact soon, thanks for keeping us looking great!!!

Sasha - 18" Indian Natural Wavy Bundle



I braided it for a few hours to get this look

Dyed jet black and flat ironed

5 month old hair just re- installed



Lesha- 18" Indian Loose Curl Bundle




Alyse - 16" Indian Loose Wavy Bundle




I just wanted to say that i am very pleased with your company! I ordered the 16 inch Virgin Indian Hair bundle about 5 months ago...The hair did NOT have any shedding or tangling. The fullness of the hair was so much more than i expected. I can honestly say that this is the best hair that i have worn. I would recommend this to anybody. I LOVE THIS HAIR! I washed this hair several times and the original curl pattern always returned! It curls beautifully and the hair looks so natural! I will continue to do business with silkbaseclosures! Im always on youtube and too be honest not enough people on youtube know about! this hair is the BOMB.COM

Thank You



Jillian - 18" Malaysian Wavy Bundle




Kandi - Virgin Remy Straight Hair



Hi ladies!! Loving my hair! Will be shopping again soon! - Kandi


Chaneice - 3 X3 Loose Curl Closure




Labrett - Loose Curl Indian 18" Bundle




Kimberly - Straight Closure




Kimberly J - Loose Curl Malaysian 14" Bundle


I used the Malaysian Loose Curl bundle in 14 inches. I LOVE this hair! It's my first virgin hair purchase and I am completely satisfied. I can't wait to purchase again :)
You guys rock!
-Kim J.

Monekay - 3 Bags of Virgin Natural Wavy Indian 20" Hair w/Closure


Ladies, thank you so much for this beautiful hair! I purchased it through Darryl one of your employees in town and I must say...Omg! This picture was taken after 1 month of not wrapping it or really taking care of it! I recently found all the right products to maintain the hair and give me the look that I want....I'm hard on hair and it's keeping up with me:)....

Omekia - Loose Curl Indian 16" Bundle


I purchased the Indian loose curl 16 inch starter kit from you all and I LOVE IT! THANK YOU! Mekia
Kellen - Natural Wavy Chinese 18" Bundle



Here are some photos of the gorgeous hair. This hair is absolutely flawless and chic. I purchased the 18 in Chinese Remy. Thank you.
Carey - Natural Wavy Closure



Cynthia - Natural Wavy Malaysian 16" Bundle



Marilyn - Natural Wavy Indian 18" Bundle



Meisa - Straight Closure


Thank you guys I have had my closure for three months. Love it.

Rhonda - Custom Silkbase Lace Frontal 20" Chinese Bundle



Rochelle - 18" Brazilian Loose Curl Bundle



Rochelle Atkins 18" brazilian loose curl omg!!!!!! I luv this closure this is the best thing ever!!!!!! it is my first time using one i never liked them due to they looked so fake to me. But my lord if this dont look like its coming out my head wow. ohhhh i luv my hair also the brazilian 18 loose curl luv it. i will be ordering again. shipping was great order last fri got it that next fri and it was thankgiven holiday lol thank u guys sooooo much i luv it. Rochelle


Maunya - Straight Closure


My name is Maunee and I purchased a straight silk based closure from your company almost a year ago, and I've had it ever since! This closure has turned my sew-ins into nothing less than FABULOUS celebrity style hair! I'm constantly getting compliments and praise on how great my hair looks! Although I have had this piece for almost a year, I've found that by conditioning, air drying, and sealing the knots regularly this piece will definitely stand the test of time! I've been recommending your bundle packages to everyone that asks! Thank you so much for supplying such a great product at an affordable price!
Sincerely, Maunya Jacobs

Diane - 18" Brazilian Wavy Bundle


Here are some photos of my 18" Brazillian Bundle , This is my second time ordering from you guys and you have out done yourself again . This hair is simply gorgeous with no shedding. I recieved alot of compliments with the last hair but I am recieving even more with this. Once again Thank You and will be ordering in the near future, But for now I am sporting this !!!

Rose - 18" Brazilian Wavy Bundle


Hi, I ordered the 18" wavy brazilian bundle and really love the hair! Though I wear it mostly straight I love the option of being able to wear it wavy! The closure is great as well! Will be ordering again very soon! Thanks ladies Rose

Kelly - 4oz of Indian Hair & Straight Closure


Here are photos of my hair. I have a closure along with 4oz of the Indian hair. It is cut into an A line bob leaving the back of my own hair out. On these pictures my hair style was actually three month old. I wash, condition and flat iron my hair once a week. The hair is awesome.
Jessica - Natural Wavy Brazilian 18" Bundle

Okay, I first want to say thank you so much for being so patient with me and answering every question I had to ask, I purchased the 18' Brazilian bundle and hair is absolutely stunning! I don't even look at the beauty supply place anymore, somebody asked me if this was all my hair today, I told him "of couse", obviously lol. You guys are the real deal and won a customer for life! I've included some photos of my new hair that you can add to your photo gallery if you like. Again, thank you so much!

Kassandra - Loose Curl Brazilian 20" Bundle


Hey there, I just wanted to say that I love my bundle that I bought from you. all my friends, co-workers, family all love it & want buy from you guys well in the near furture. The bundle I bought was the 20 inch loose curl Brazilian bundle with the two 4 oz. hair & the 16 inch closure. 'im including a pic of my wearing & I hope you will share this pic on your website. I plan to buy more hair from you next year, only problem I had was it was the 1st time my hair dresser ever put a closure on & it took 2 trys to get it rite other than that no other problems at all other than she created a monster in me when it comes to this hair I love it so much I name it Veronica. thanks again for selling such a great product, you have a return customer in me

Celeste - Loose Curl Chinese 20" Bundle



Myra - Loose Curl Brazilian 18" Bundle


Hey, it's Myra.  Here are a few pics from when I got my hair installed.  I did the Brazlian (loose curl).  In the last pic, (approximately three months after the install), I straightened and curled the hair.  I included these in case you wanted a testament to how awesome the hair looks on another "real" person.   :)
Nina - Straight Closure

Mahalia - 20" Natural Straight Full Lace Silkbase Wig #2


Please see my picture with the wig. I had to cut a bit more layers as it was not as it showed on the site. I needed more defined layers. It's fantastic and I absolutely love it.

Thanks a million.


Hildah - 18" Brazilian Natural Wavy Bundle



Taschica - Natural Wavy Closure



Adrianne - Straight Closure


I have attached a few photos of me wearing a cap weave wig using your 16 inch 1b silk top closure ! thank you so much for your help I will be a long time customer :O) .. I will be buying your silk top wig on monday !


Jennifer - Natural Wavy Closure


I will never use another closure other than Silkbase!!!!! I am a customer for life!!! :-) Thanks!!!

Crystal - Brazilian Bundle


I figured out how to send you the pics of my hair! LOL! I love the Brazillian Bundle I purchased from you! I can where it straight or put curls in it, and it still looks fabulous and bounces back after every wash. I bought the bundle and these pics were taken in December after at least 2 applications. Thanks for keeping me looking fabulous!! I look forward to my loose curl closure! Thanks Again!!!! :-)
Crystal Solomon

Kenisha - Curly Closure


Bianca - Natural Wavy Closure


Michelle - Straight Closure


Mary - Natural Wavy Closure


I love my silk closure!!

Nia - 14" Indian Loose Curl Bundle


When I first ordered the hair I wasnt so sure it it would turn out. As soon as the hair,was sewed in I was so amazed of good it looked. Silkbase closures is a wonderful hair business and the customer service is excellent keep up the good work!! Best Wishes

Ulrica - 20" Malaysian Straight Bundle


Thank you ladies for such a great product. My Friend was trying to figure out what I had done to my hair because it looked so natural. The hair is the best hair I have had and I have had from top store brands to imported from India. The shedding is so minimum, I can comb my hair in my car without having it all over my seats or me. I exercise five days a week and put it in a ball, when I take it down I just comb. Going for a wash and new style will send more pics. My husband love it because he happy my search for the perfect hair has stopped with you ladies!!!!

Thank you for supplying such great hair. Y'all are the BEST!!!!My lace was cutoff too much but its still great. I will repurchase another one and my next try will be the curly Malaysian. Excited

Larissa - 20" Malaysian Natural Wavy Bundle



Paul - Custom Frontal


Tara - Natural Wavy Bundle 18" & 20" Chinese Hair


Picture on the right is the hair right after i installed it in its natural state! Picture on left is after I curled it with a curling wand!20 and 18 inch Chinese wavy with closure!

Tara Starr

Denisha- 16" Chinese Natural Wavy Hair (Flated Ironed)


I just wanted to let you know that I love my chinese hair. Thanks so much! I'll be purchasing more soon..

Shemeta - Natural Wavy Closures


Veronique - 18" Brazilian Natural Wavy Bundle


Brandon - 16" Brazilian Loose Curl


Once again I am very satisfied customer and you will continue to get repeat business out of me. This is the Brazilian curly 16in. Thanks again!

Deshonna - 18" Natural Wavy Bundle


I am wearing the bundle package Brazilian 18" flat ironed not glued down just sewn down

Chanel- 16" Brazilian Natural Wavy Bundle


Jackie- 20", 16" & 12" Grade A Wavy Hair


My name is Jackie! I'm from Maryland, USA and I purchased 20",16",& 12" of the Grade A hair about a month ago. I am absolutely pleased with the results. The product was delivered in a timely manner and the was and still is in GREAT condition! I've gotten many compliments on my hair and my husband LOVES it because it blends with my natural hair! Thank you for your Awesome customer service and great product! I will be ordering again very soon!

Diane - 18" Brazilian Wavy Bundle


Wanted to show you my 18" Brazillian Bundle after my cut getting ready for the summer with a new short look. This hair was order last year and it still looks and feels like it did the first time I opened it ...... Thanks Again !!!

Jennifer - Natural Wavy Closure


I looooove your closures ( this is my 2nd purchase of many to come)

Samantha - 18" Indian Loose Curl Bundle


I love love love your product.You have a valued customer for life!

Belynda - 20" Brazilian Natural Wavy Bundle


Hi Ladies, I'm finally sending you pictures of my Brazilian hair install. This is the Brazilian bundle body wave 20 inches. My friend did my install and my sister cut my layers.


I'm so in love with this hair, I don't know what to do. As you can see in these shots, I straightened the hair with my flat iron and it's absolutely beautiful. I'm also sending you shots of the hair when it's wet. The way the curl comes back is just awesome.


This is my third order from Silk Base Closure and I'm finally getting around to sending pictures. I still have the hair from my first two orders (loose curl Indian and loose curl Brazilian) both of which I've installed twice and can still use in the future. All my friends and family are just amazed at how natural the closure looks and how beautiful and luxurious this hair is. I loved the Indian hair but this Brazilian is by far the best hair I have ever seen or felt. I will be a customer forever!!!!!

Tanieka - Natural Wavy Closure


I ordered the natural wavy closure and recieved it and had it installed in March 2012 which is about two months ago and now I am wearing it straight so here is two pictures of me wearing it wavy and a pic of me wearing it straight. I already had some hair which I brought from someone else so I ordered the closure from this site for the 1st time and I love the quality of hair and it blended well together so I will be ordering again real soon. Thanks again silk base!!

Glory - Straight Closure


Yal are absolutely phenomenal!!! Yal have transformed my precious head tremendously. Yal have exceptional customer service and I will be ordering again. Thanks much dolls!

Jennifer - Natural Wavy Closure


This is my 3rd purchase ...your closures are unmatched ...thanks for the care an quality you put into your product!

Brittany - Straight Closure





I absolutely LOVE your Silk Lace Closure!!! It looks so natural on me! I get complements everyday on my hair and it blends so well with my virgin extensions!! Satisfied customer!

Khalilah - Natural Wavy Closure


love it! Thank you

Tiffani - 18" Malaysian Straight Bundle



Tenisa - 16" Brazilian Loose Curl Bundle


This loose curly hair is beautiful ladies. It's soft and silky with a great natural hairline where you can wear it any way you want. I bought this hair for my prom 2012 and I love it !!

Gina - Malaysian Straight Bundle hair after 4 months.



Khaliah - Natural Wavy Closure


I love it! 3 weeks in!!!! if you are not getting your hair from silkbase closures ...... you're doing it all wrong !Thanks ladies Im so happy!!!!!

Kim C- Natural Wavy Closure


Savannah - 18" Brazilian Loose Curl Bundle



I love this Brazilian hair.Minimal style time and maintenance.shedding was very small Even after the second install. Will definitely order again soon! Thanks, from Savannah

Tara - 20" Malaysian Natural Wavy Bundle



Once again Extremely Satisfied with your product. I blowed dried then flexi- rodded my hair for this curled look and it held perfectly. Thanks for all that you two do.

Seville - Straight Closure


Latasha - Straight Closure Worn behind hairline


Cass - Natural Wavy Closure


Shelynda - 14" Indian Natural Wavy Hair


My hairdresser put in highlights for my wedding . I absolutely love the quality of the hair.

Khalilah - 20" Malaysian Loose Curl Bundle


Brittiney - Natural Wavy Closure






Yuliana - Natural Wavy Closure


Hi, I never do reviews on anything, but I have to tell someone that this is real deal, I couldn't beliueve how full is the closure; I have never seen anything like unless is custom ordered, which usually is overpriced. I have been looking for this for so long and it was always waisted time and money. I was skeptical at first, but now im confident. I will return here time and time again for all my hair need. Thank you so much, you made me a believer. Love, Yulie Yuliana

Tasha - 16" Brazilian Loose Curl Bundle


I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with my hair ! I've had it about 4 months and I still love it ! It looks so natural. I have the 16" Brazilian loose curl but I think I'm going to try some straight hair next time I order. Here are some photos .

Tasia - Natural Wavy Closure


Mimi - 16" Brazilian Natural Wavy Bundle


Wanda - 12" Malaysian Natural Wavy Bundle #4 /With Inhouse Coloring


I had my closure piece sewn down, which worked out really well. The hair itself is if very beautiful .

Chakhara - 20" Brazilian Natural Wavy Bundle


I love your product.

Rose - 20" Malaysian Straight Bundle


Michelle - 16" Brazilian Natural Wavy Bundle


Ebony - Straight Closure


Hello! I have attached some pics of my install with the straight closure! I just want yall to know that this was my first time purchasing a closure and I LOVE it!!! The extensions that I have installed with the closure blends perfectly with Russian hair :)! Thanks again for a great product, I will be purchasing all of my future closures from you all!!

Brittani - Straight Closure


Lillian - Natural Wavy Closure


Here are a few of my favorite pics. Sporting a silkbase closures natural wavy 16” installment was done by stylist Bridgett at Bee Glam Salon in Stafford, Texas

Samaria - 16" Malaysian Loose Curl Bundle & 20" Brazilian Natural Wavy Bundle


As you can tell I am natural in one pic,the others pics are silk base closure installments. The picture with me pregnant I have the 16 inch Malaysian loose curls hair and the picture after childbirth in the green dress I have 20 inch Brazilian natural wavy bundle, set on flexi rods I love my natural wavy hair but silk base hair is so much easier to maintain I don't have to get up and straighten my hair and worry about the humidity taking over my hair. I do believe the Brazilian hair is a way better quality than the Malaysian hair that's my opinion it straightens better it curls better it looks better it feels better thanks alot silk base closures, you've made my morning so much easier, returning customer S.A.J

Celeste - Natural Wavy Closure


Patience - Natural Wavy Closure


Tiffany - 20" Brazilian Natural Wavy Bundle


La Tonya - Natural Wavy Closure


Thank You,, I'm so amazed on how my Wavy closures looks!! I'm ready for the Curly one!! My wavy closures has given me more confidence in my full weaves. THANK YOU SO MUCH for making such beautiful closures. I Will be buying my second soon.
La Tonya

Jasmine - 16" Brazilian Loose Curl Bundle


I have the 16inch Brazilian loose curl bundle and absolutely LOVE it! This hair is so soft and manageable. I get compliments on this hair everywhere I go. I have recommended your site to at least 10 people in the past 2 weeks. Your customer service is beyond exceptional and this hair is fabulous! You have a repeat customer in me...hands down! Thanks!

Michelle - 20" Malaysian Straight Bundle


Twentity - 16" Brazilian Loose Curl Bundle


Joy - Natural Wavy Closure



Alexis - 18" Chinese Straight Bundle


Kim - Natural Wavy


2nd install w/ color ..and still haaaaaappy with the product 5 months in!!

Danielle - Natural Wavy Closure


"Absolutely love this!!! It looks so natural my boyfriend couldn't even tell! I have Malaysian hair from another company so I wasn't sure if the closure would match but it blends beautifully. This gives me so much more versatility and I couldn't be happier :)"-Danielle

Keyonna - Natural Wavy Closure


Thanks for my closure natural wave. I have brazilian body wave in my hair. I made a full wig.

Keyonna - 12" Malaysian Curly Bundle


Loving my hair! Thank u for all ur help

Sieeda - Indian Natural Wavy Bundle


Hello my name is Sieeda Bryant. I found out about your website through a family member about a year ago. I ordered Indain hair & closure piece from you guys. Here are some photos to submit for your website. I love the hair!! Will be ordering a bundle package very soon!

Katrina - Brazilian 16", 18" & 20" with Closure in Natural Wavy


My name is Katrina and I have been a customer of Silkbase Closures going on two years. I am absolutely in love with the variety of hair as well as the closures. More importantly, the customer service is phenomenal! I am wearing Brazilian natural wavy, 16", 18", and 20" with the natural wavy closure

Kayla - Natura Wavy Closure Customer - Natural Wavy Closure
Customers ordered colored closure #27 and applied dye color of their liking. Both closures are Natural Wavy texture.

China - Natural Wavy Closure


Kawana & Daughter- Straight Closures


My daughter and I  received your closures, and had them installed the next day. We absolutely love it!

Our Twitter Customers


Ardyss - Natural Wavy Closure


I luv my closure I bought from you I actually bought the wavy bundle and mix with some remi hair and it blend perfect! I find my friend staing at my head I asked one what they are looking at and she said " the scalp that looks real" lol ima put my girls on!

Kecha - Loose Curl Closure


Hello Silk Base Closures, 

This is the loose curly closure. I wore this piece for 10 months and I love it. I am reordering again this week. The picture with my hair pulled back was from December of 2012 and the photo me of me in the white was from April 2013. I love the quality and realism of this piece and will never order closures from anyone ever again. 


Moriam - Natural Wavy Closure


Ella - 18" Malaysian Loose Curl Bundle


The hair has been amazing, everyone still can’t believe I’ve had the same hair in since June 27th and it still looks fabulous. I wanted to send you picture’s so you can see for yourself. Thanks again for providing such a good quality of hair.



Tabatha - Natural Wavy Closure


I adore my closure! It is still doing well after 9 months of wear! Best one I've tried yet! I will be ordering 2 more this month!

Resheeda - Straight Closure


Gizette - Loose Curl Brazilian 18" Bundle


Alexis - Straight 3 Pack Malaysian 18" Bundle


Hi, I am sending in a couple of pics of me wearing your 18" Malaysian straight 3 pack bundle. I love the hair. It is so soft.
A loyal customer.

Artisha - 22" & 26"Brazilian Natural Wavy Bundle


Just wanted to send you a pic with my fabulous hair....I love it, thanks for all your help & Alexis was great.

Tracy Ann - 18" & 20" Malaysian Natural Wavy Bundle


Katie - Straight Closure


I recently bought the straight silk base closure from you ladies and I LOVE IT! I've done a lot of damage to my hair in the past and for a couple of years I've been searching for an alternative so I can let my hair grow out and get healthy again. I wish I would have known about this sooner! I already had Indian Remi hair sewn in and this closure blended in great with it. I absolutely love my hair now and I'm more confident than ever! You ladies definitely have yet another loyal customer :)

Ella - 16" Malaysian Straight Bundle


Here’s a picture of the latest hair I purchased, you have me in the photo gallery with the Malaysian Curly. I receive so many compliments and everyone wants to know where I purchase my hair, I politely refer them to your website. Thanks

16" Malaysian Loose Curl Bundle - Made into a custom wig by stylist


16" Malaysian Loose Curl Bundle was made into a custom wig for one of our customers. Wig was made by Joanne who is located in Las Vegas, NV. You can locate her on our "locate a stylist" page under Nevada.

Customer Taylor - Ombre #1b/#4 Brazilian Machine Weft Hair (16",18" & 20")


Shonita - 22" Malaysian Natural Wavy Bundle


Love you guys hair.

Shonita -22" Malaysian Loose Curl Bundle



Latoya - Straight Closure


I LOVE LOVE LOVE MY SILK-BASE CLOSURE THIS IS THE BEST ONE BY FAR IVE HAD -thank you. My closure dyed I LOVE IT and it stayed to its texture

Fatima - Natural Wavy Closure


Just got the hair done!! Thank u girls!!!

Kecha - Natural Wavy Closure



Hi. My name is Kecha and I wanted to send another letter of praise to my ladies at I absolutely love the silk closure. It's very natural looking, easy to install and maintain. I often receive compliments, even from my stylist. He wants to tell all his clients where they should order their closures from. The hair is soft, doesn't shed, takes coloring very well and lasts up to three installs, approximately six months. I am about to place an order this week for the triple ombre bundle and I can't wait to flaunt my new style just in time for my beach vacation next month. Ladies, keep doing your thing in supplying high quality hair at affordable prices and I will keep ordering from you for sure. Thank you!

Latrice - Natural Wavy Closures


I love my Silkbase closure!!! I'm a loyal customer now!!

Sierra - 12" Brazilian Natural Wavy Bundle


I just got my 12" Brazilian Bundle in Natural Wavy installed. I love! Excited to order the straight. The second picture is the same 12 inch Brazilian Natural Wavy bundle with curls..



Latisha - Silkbase Lace Frontal Bundle- Natural Wavy - No Hair is Left Out



Customer Kin - Lace Frontal Bundle- Natural Wavy - No Hair is Left Out - Before & After



Vanesa - 12" Brazilian Natural Wavy Bundle


Hello, I wanted to upload pictures of the beautiful hair and closure, I love the hair is gorgeous and the closure is the best in the world, I am so happy that I discovered you all. The customer service is awesome, you ladies are always so helpful when I call or have a question I love that. This is my third bundle of hair, I always cut the hair because I like short hair but this time my beautician say's why do you spend money and throw away the hair so this time I used all 12' I am wearing the 12' Brazilian Natural Wavy and the Freestyle closure, again I love this product it feels good and looks good the best I have ever had, I have dealt with hair for a many of years. You have a customer for life. I get so many compliments on my Hair they all think that it is all my hair because the closure looks so real no one would ever know unless you tell them. Thanks Ladies love you and and your product Have a very Blessed & Prosperous Year. Love Vaness from Virginia Beach..