Customer Testimonial


From Customer Lynda


Hi this is Lynda from Down Under (South Australia).  I have been liaising with the ladies from Silk Base Closure for about 2 weeks and I must say I’m very impressed with their customer service.  Before I placed my first order I wanted to ensure that I had all my questions answered and
my doubts reassured.

I sent a few emails and received responses within 24 hours and even received phone calls from the ladies regarding my order!

I own a salon/retail shop and I purchase most of my products etc from USA but I’ve never had anyone call me regarding my orders ever before!! Needless to say I was immensely impressed with this extra personal touch.

I have already recommended Silk Base Closure to a few of my colleagues. I’m looking forward to receiving my order soon and I’ll post more testimonial later. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK LADIES……God bless :)


Thank you Lynda For the wonderful



From Customer Alisha


Hi I am Alisha and I wanted to give a full review of your product and wonderful service. I contacted the company to inquire about the straight-remy hair and - received an answer within 24 hours, just as stated on the website I sent the company numerous messages about 30 throughtout a one week period and all of my questions were answered all in 24 hour time frame. I ordered my hair to receive it by a Friday but it haden't came from the vendor as promised and I was issued an 80 dollar refund amd very proffesional and friendly service. This was not fault that my hair haden't came in. Now finally for a review of the product itself, the hair looked beautiful right out of the bag, but all extension wearers know that this is not a determining factor in quality hair so I did a few test. First the smell test, most lasdies don't know this but bss hair and quality remy hair smell completely different... the hair passed this test. Next I combes through the hair dry... no shedding. The hair had a nice luster but not a baby-doll like shine it was not stringy. Then I washed the hair, I washed it deep conditioned it with three different products. After washing, conditioning, and rinsing about 6 times I had maybe five strings come out. The hair was still beautiful, i and I had no dye in the sink...and speaking of color it was extremely natural a true #1b. While drying I just applied a smoothing lotion producti lightly ofcourse... this is the only product that I will apply to the hair. The next test I did was a curl test... because I just finished air drying I can't say how long the curl last but it curled beautifully. Final test was the throw around test (not on purpose) I keep all of my hair (I collect and try a lot of different hairs) and hair supplies in a drawer and I have a lot so everytime I needed something from the back or side I threw the hair around and it never got tangled. I will seal my weft with a sealer, tomorrow. I will get my install on April 1, 2010 and I will send pictures and add to this review about how the hair holds up in different conditions (weather, heat appliances, shedding (if any)etc...) The machine weft construction is medium it's not buldgy, but not too small to sew through. Through all of this I can't compliment on the customer service enough and I will be ordering again Hopes this helps... signed Alisha W... GOD BLESS sorry for any mispelled words I am doing this from a mobile phone.


Thank you Alisha For the wonderful



From Customer Thelma


Just wanted to let you know that I made my first purchase two weeks ago with the bundle packsge. I am so pleased with my hair. I couldn't believe how matural the scalp is on the closure. You Ladies really out-did yourselves with this. The hair itself is so beautiful and it dosen't shedd. I can't stop looking at myself in the mirror. When I took the hair to my beautician for the install, she was extreamly impressed. I will be purchasing from you again. Oh, and by the way, will the hair ever be sold in a 10". Although the longer hair is beautiful, I am over 50 and a shoulder length (10") would be purfect and I wouldn't have to cut it. So Thank You Ladies for suppling us with such a wonderful product.


Thank you Thelma For the wonderful