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Want to be able to put your hair in a high ponytail without having to cover your edges or without feeling self-conscious? Want to look like you have a naturally beautiful flawless hairline that actually looks like your hair??  Well a custom frontal is for you.

A Custom Lace Frontal is a hairpiece which is customized to your own natural hairline with all its unique dips and groves, along with its unique width (from ear to ear).  A custom frontal is designed to fit only your hairline.  Not even identical twins have the same hairline, so your custom frontal is truly designed to fit only you……


Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need a Silkbase Frontal?
NO.  You can achieve the exact same look as a Silkbase Frontal with a Lace Frontal.  When I created my first custom Lace Frontal, I did ton of research trying to figure out, How to get the Scalp Component.  I was an advent wearer of Silkbase closures and swore by them and still do. I really needed to create a Custom Silkbase Frontal, but could not figure out how to get that Natural looking Scalp Component.  So, after I finish my Lace frontal I bleached my knots, on my lace frontal, and REALIZED my Lace Frontal looked just as natural as a Silkbase Scalp.  There was no difference even up very very close.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.


Note: If you chose to customize your silkbase frontal, the silkbase componenet will not be touched (the crown area) . We can not customize the silkbase component, we can customize the frontal on the sides of the frontal where the hair is located. This silkbase frontals can look very natural.

Why Not Pluck My Hairline and thin out my PreMade Frontal with tweezers to Make it Look Natural?
A custom Frontal is the only way to achieve the most natural looking hairline.  A custom frontal will have all you dips, groves, and uniqueness of your own real hairline.  All celebrities either have a custom frontal or a custom wig.  This is the only way to achieve a flawless hairline. 

Also with plucking with tweezers you have to be very very careful that you don’t puncture the lace, thus creating a hole in your lace frontals..  Or you may even pluck away too much hair and will not be able to add this hair back… It’s better to be safe and let the experts handle your custom frontal.

Why A Lace Frontal and Not a Lace Wig?

Rather you order a frontal or a wig is a matter of Preference.  Some people order a wig because they do not like to be dedicated to one style for long periods of time, while others like the ability to take the wig off daily. 
A Lace Frontal is normally wore with 4oz of weft hair, so it is more secure than a wig..  The entire head is braided and the weft is sewn down in the back of the head and the lace frontal is sewn down at the crown of the head and clue down at the hairline.  Some customers do not like glue and prefer for it to be sewn throughout the frontal, giving it even a more secure hold.  We can customize both a frontal and a wig.




Customization of your product take 10 business days to complete from the time we receive your hairline. We only accept 40 custom frontals a month. Once it is complete we will ship priority mail via USPS.


All custom orders begin production immediately upon order and are made to your specification. Custom orders can not be cancelled, changed, returned or refunded at anytime. Production on custom orders take anywhere from 10 to 30 days. Shipment will occur immediately upon completion of production.



How to Order



Step 1 - Place your order for customization. The price to customize your product to your hair line is a flat rate of $250.


Step 2- You will measure your hairline per below instruction.



Step 3- You will send your hairline in along with the completed form. Click Here to Download Form. Mail the hairline and the form to the following address:

Luxury Hair LLC

PO Box 750091

Las Vegas, NV 89136


Step 4- Once we receive your product vial mail, we will email you (or call if we have any questions ) to confirm receipt along with completion date.


Step 5- We will send you a tracking number once the item is shipped and completed. Custom Frontals normally takes 10 business days from the date we receive your molding.



Photo Gallery of Custom Lace Frontal Hair Line




Video of a Custom Lace Frontal