What is a Silk Base Lace Front Closure?
  A Silk Base Lace Front Closure is a closure piece that is worn usually with a weave to give a natural looking hair line. The Silk Base material creates a scalp for this closures and therefore can be parted and styled in any matter. There are no knots which therefore creates an illusion as if the hair was growing from your scalp. The Silk Base Closures is commonly attached onto a cornrow base. Silk Base Lace Front Closure is an essential for a truly undetectable weave.
What is the size of your Silk Base Lace Front Closure?
  Our Silk Base Lace Front Closures are measured at the perfect size of 3.5" X 3". The size of our closures was customized to this size in order to fit perfect on the average woman head. This size rid the weavy appearance.
What are the textures and hair type that you offer for your Silk Base Lace Front Closure?
  All of our silk base closures are 100% Malaysian Remy human hair. The textures we offer are straight, body wave, loose curl and curly.
What color do you offer for your Silk Base Lace Front Closure?
  Our Silk Base Lace Front Closures comes in a natural color which is 1b.
How much hair is needed for a weave?
  It depends. For a partial weave (half head) normally 4oz of hair is needed which equates to one pack. 8oz of hair (2 packs) is usually needed for a full head weave. About 6 oz (1 1/2 pack) is needed if a front lace closure is being used.
Will hair look exactly like the hair in the picture?
  Since all of our hair is grown by a donor there is a slight variation in color and texture between each bundle and between the hairs in the pictures. The pictures are meant to give you an idea of what to expect with the different textures we offer.
Can hair extensions be dyed?
  Yes, our hair products can be dyed. We highly recommend a color strand test on a small portion of hair to see how your new color will look.
What type of Lace do your Closures have?
  There are two types of lace, French Lace and Swiss Lace. French lace is less fragile than Swiss lace and with care could last a long time. Swiss Lace is more fragile than French lace but strong enough if handled
carefully. It is the most undetectable but also very delicate. Swiss lace needs to be handled with care.  Many sites would recommend first time users to not use Swiss Lace, but I have used Swiss lace from day 1, and
have never had any problems with this lace. This is the most undetectable lace, and therefore we use this lace for all of our closures
What is the difference between your Virgin Remy Grade A Hair, the Virgi Indian Remy Hair and the Virgin Chinese Remy Hair?
  The difference is the Virgin Remy Indian Hair is made with Virgin Remy Indian hair(the same goes for Virgin Chinese Remy hair) and the Virgin Remy Grade A hair is made with Virgin Remy hair normally from Brazilian culture. The virgin Remy grade A hair is made with the highest grade of hair but can we cannot guarantee what culture the hair is from. 90% of the time it is made from the Brazilian culture, as with the Virgin Remy Indian hair we can guarantee it is coming from the Indian culture (the same applies with the Chinese hair). All of our closures are made with virgin hair, meaning that it is not processed, so it comes in the natural color which is 1b. Both (Virgin Remy Indian hair and Virgin Remy Grade A) hair works well the closure, but we find that many customer prefers both the Virgin Indian Remy Hair and the Virgin Chinese Remy hair, which is one of the reason we offer it with our bundle product. The hair is so soft and easy to manage. The Virgin Remy Indian and Chinese hair in wavy and loose curl goes from it natural state (wavy and loose curl) to straight and once wet goes back to its natural state. The Virgin Chinese Remy hair differs from the Virgin Indian Remy hair because the Chinese hair is slightly thicker.
What is the difference between the Textures?


The Wavy Texture is more of a beautiful loose wave look, it�s a very exotic look, and can be both flat ironed to achieve a straight look and then can be simply braided back up to achieve the wavy look again. This is a very versatile look, and is our most popular texture.


The Loose Curl Texture is more of a corkscrew curl and can be both flat ironed to achieve the straight look. This is texture is very versatile and give the person the curly look, without the curls being too tight.


The Straight Texture is a natural straight look and very sleek and healthy look. You can use a curly iron or a curling wand to create curls when you want to spruce this look up.


The Curly (10mm) Texture is a very tight curl look. This texture is more of a Jheri curl look and is often used to create an Afro-Centric look. The curly texture requires high maintenance and daily leave-in conditioning.

Are you guys associated with Any Other Hair Site?
  We are not associated with any other hair site. Many other hair companies use are pictures and customer pictures as their own, we are surely cracking down on that when it is brought to our attention. If you find any of our pictures on any site please let us know. Thanks