Glues & removers

Ultra Hold 3.4 OZ
Scalp Protector 1.4 oz

Price: $35.99


Up to 6 week hold. Adhesive will not release from the effects of water, heat or perspiration. Cleanse skin with alcohol removing all dirt and oils. Then, apply adhesive to skin and hairpiece and allow to dry. After adhesives dries then press hairpiece to skin firmly. Good for partial or full head bonding. To remove use C-22. Replace the cap immediately after applying the adhesive.





Price: $9.99


Scalp Protector improves adhesion for following conditions: hot and humid weather, oily skin, sports etc. Helps prevent irritation from adhesives. Scalp Protector is a great product for protecting sensitive skin, it forms a protective layer on the skin to prevent irritation from adhesives and tapes while improving adhesion. May also be applied to hair systems to improve clean-up and adhesion characteristics.



Lace Release 1.4 oz
C-22 Solvent

Price: $9.99


Reduces the chance of damaging lace or mesh frontals by releasing adhesive or tape from the hair system. Used properly, most of the adhesive residue will remain on the clients scalp and not on the hair system. Mist the solution through the hair in the area you wish to remove. Wait 1 minute and then gently lift the system away from your head, leaving most of the adhesive residue on your scalp. This product is non-oily and is a must for lace wearers.



Price: $9.99


C-22 Solvent is a fast acting cleaner for the scalp and all hair systems! Having tested many citrus solvents, we have found C-22 remover to work faster and more effectively than those tested. Gentle on skin and rinses of with soap and water. Easily cleans glue and tape residue from hair.





Top-Loc Knot Sealer 4 oz

Price: $19.99


Spray on the inside of the closure unit to seal and protect the delicate knots. This will reduce shedding, and extend the life of your hair system. Our alcohol-based formula is low odor so you can use indoors. Also used to seal tape tabs.