in-house coloring


We our now offering the service of In-House coloring for our closures. Many customers choose not to wait the 4-6 weeks time period for a custom closure and wants the closure sooner. We now have a professional colorist who can dye the closure to the available colors we offer which are #1, #2 or #4. This service is strictly geared towards the customers who choose not to wait the 4-6 weeks for a custom colored closure and who don't feel comfortable dying the closure themselves. Please understand if you dye your own closure you dye at your own risk.


Our custom colored closures and our in-house colored closure differs in the following ways:


Our custom colored closures hair is sewn in strand by strand to the silkbase material, where as if you choose the in-house coloring option, the closure is made in the color of 1b and the entire closure is dyed to the specified color that the customer requested. Please Note: We only offer colors of #1, #2 and #4..


If a customer decides to have their closure dyed in-house, the colors that are available are #1 - Jet Black, #2 - Dark Brown and #4 - Medium Brown, where as if you order a custom closure more color options areavailable to our customers.


The turn around time for our in-house coloring services is 5-7 business days where as if you order a custom closure it takes 4-6 weeks to receive.



Silkbase Closure - Straight w/In-House Color Option

Silkbase Closure - Loose Wavy w/In-House Color Option

Silkbase Closure - Curly w/In-House Color Option


Silkbase Closures - Loose Curl w/In-House Color Option



Silkbase Closure-InHouse Color
Price: $189.00



If you ordered a closure from us then later realized that you want to have the closure dyed by our in-house colorist you would then pay for the service only, which is a $50.00 fee.

In-House Color Service Only
Price: $50.00