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April 10th 2015

We are proud to announce that we are now offering ombre closures, bundles and 3 pack bundles. Enjoy.


June 25th 2012

We will be offering Closures colored closures in your desired color starting September 3rd, 2012. We will have these closures in stock. We will be also offering frontals in 1b as an instock item as oppose to a custom order where it takes up to 6 weeks to receive. If you have any request(s) or great ideas, please feel free to contact us at, we welcome all your great ideas and input.  If there is a certain texture, you will like to see and think will do well, please contact us with your sugguestions. We cater to our customers, so if it's a great idea, we will definitely try our best to accommate your needs.


June 15th 2011

We our now offering the service of In-House coloring for our closures. Many customers choose not to wait the 4-6 weeks time period for a custom closure and wants the closure sooner. We now have a professional colorist who can dye the closure to the available colors we offer which are #1, #2 or #4. This service is strictly geared towards the customers who choose not to wait the 4-6 weeks for a custom colored closure and who don't feel comfortable dying the closure themselves. Visit Our In-House Coloring Page By Clicking this Link.


June 15th 2011

As of June 15th we are offering our premier Brazilian Hair.


March 15th 2011

As of April 1st we will be offering Malaysian machine weft hair.


March 14th 2011

Due to an overwhelming number of calls received from our customers we have decided to hire more staff and install two additional phone lines. Our phones hours are 10am - 3pm (Pacific Standard Time). We are closed on weekends. No phone calls nor email will be answered on weekends. Thank You.





We have been listening to our customers and have had a few (3) complaints about our hair tangling on our closures after the first washing. One customer reported tangling but after placing conditioner on the closure it rectified the problem. We really take pride in our product and don't want any customers reporting tangling issues, therefore we have spoken with our manufacturer to help us remedy this issue that a few of our customer reported. Our manufacturer has recommended using their top quality hair which is Malaysian. All of our silk base closures will now be custom made with Malaysian Hair. Malaysian hair is one of the highest grades of hair on the market. Malaysian hair has natural moisture that maintains a healthy sheen. Malaysian Hair is soft and never tangles. All of our closures from this point forward will be made with Malaysian Remy Hair. Thanks.....


April 7th, 2010

Don't miss the opportunity to receive our Bundling at the lower cost of 299.00. April 19th, we are forced to raise our Bundling prices to 349.00.  You will still be receiving a huge discount; 299.00 was our introduction price. For Bundling you are receiving a Virgin Malysian Closure 16 inches and length, and 8oz of our high quality Indian Remy hair, that you will absolutely love.


March 08, 2010

Saturday March 6th, was our first live chat session, and it was successful.  We would like to thank all who participated, and had questions for us, we always enjoy answering your questions and meeting our current and potential customers.  Please join us next Saturday between 12-2pm to chat live with us.

Thank You.


February 22, 2010

We are officially out of stock. We have no closures in stock until March 8, 2010. Due to the Chinese Holiday our manufacturer was closed for the holidays which have caused a delay in production. We recommend all of our customers to pre-order.


February 18, 2010

A few of our customers has bought to our attention that a couple of our closures scalp were made with a darker scalp pigment. We compared our originally closures with our last ordered and noticed that a few were made with a darker scalp pigment. This problem is being rectified with our new order and will appears as it does in our images. We apologize and is correcting this issue. All closures from this point on will have the scalp coloration in our images.


February 18, 2010

We are asking all of our customers who have purchased from us in the past to submit their photos so we can start building our client's photo gallery page. We are offering a 15% discount towards future purchases. Thank You. We really appreciate all of our customers.