We at silk base closures strongly encourage you to pre-order your closures (at times when we are out of stock of an item). Because of the strong demand that we have for our custom made closures, and the time it takes for our craftsmen in China to make these closures, we strongly advise that you plan ahead and pre-order your closure. Preorder cut down the days it take for us to process your order, (i.e. print packing slip, print shipping labels, prepare packaging, etc.). Once out of stock items comes in your order has already been processed and is ready to be shipped. All pre-orders are shipped the same day our out of stock item comes in.

There is no special way to order an out of stock item. You would place your order the same way as if the item was not out of stock. The order is then placed in with our preorders. We immediately process and prepare the order for packaging/shipping. When the out of stock item arrives the only thing that needs to be done is the item being placed in the package for shipping. Items will then ship the same day.

Keep in mind, this is only done when items are out of stock. We will have notice online when items are out of stock and when items are due to be available.