tricks and secrets

The secret to achieving a natural look is to sew the closure as flat to you head as possible. And to make sure you measure for the lace to sit right below your hairline.
We get a lot of emails about our closure scalp color, and we do understand that we all have different variations of brown, so closures do not always match the perfect skin tone, in order to achieve a darker scalp for darker skin, is not by dying the scalp, because you don't want to risk messing up your closure (you can definitely dye the closure with a tea bag if you wish, but it’s not necessary), You can simply apply a dark brown eye shadow to the scalp. You would simply rub this in to the scalp as if you are putting on makeup with a eye shadow brush and your scalp will become darker.  Note:  every time you wash your closure, you would simply have to re-apply the eye shadow.
A lot questions come in, asking if it’s possible to get rid of the lace all together, and simply leave a little bit of hair out, along the front hairline, in order to make their closure appear more natural.  My answer to that question is my twin tried this method before we got into business for ourselves, she felt that the lace was making her look wiggy/weavy, but I convinced her to let me apply the closure for her, because the problem wasn't the lace, the problem was that she didn’t measure her lace to sit right above her hairline, you want to apply both your glue and your lace to begin directly below your hairline. You don't want the lace sitting on your forehead. Another major problem at the time, was the length of her closure was entirely too long, creating that unnatural weavy/wiggy look. After I applied the closure for her, that one time, she never thought twice about cutting away the lace.
Another question is regarding scalp protector, yes we encourage you to use scalp protector upon every application, but it’s not going to make a major difference if you go without it once or twice.  It’s not imperative that you use scalp protector.
Yes, the wavy closures can be flat ironed, in order to get your waves back, once flat ironed, is you will simply wet your hair and braid your damp hair into two large braids, and let it completely dry, once dry, unbraid the hair, and your hair should be wavy again.
We get a lot of emails asking the best product to use to dye hair/closure.  I'm not an expert when it comes to coloring but one of my clients has dyed both her hair and closure sucessfully, and have recommened Dark & Lovely, Jet Black, SoftSheen.Carson w/ Fade-Resistant Rich Conditioning Color.  You can view her results in the Customer Gallery (Lydia).

A trick we learned to make your closure hair lay flat and train in the direction you would be wearing your hair is to part the hair in the direction you would be wearing it in and wet it. Let the hair air dry in that direction. This would make your hair train in the direction and give it a very natural look when your closure is first applied.