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How to Measure Your Head for a Custom Lace Frontal (Your Hairline Mold)






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Note: We redid our install video on 6/11/2015 - Please view updated video below


Learn how to:
Seal Closure
Train Hair
Cut Lace
Install Closure





Note: We redid our install video 12/29/2009 - Please view updated video below


This is our first time filming a video so we apologize for the sound quality. Please keep in mind that the video is only for the purposes of showing you how a closure is installed. This is not meant to be a professional video. THANK YOU.....



Steps For Install of Closures

1. Wash Closure with a light shampoo
2. After Hair is dry, Seal the Knots with Clear Acrylic Sealer (This allow the lace to last longer, it keep the hair in place longer) You can pick up the Sealer from any craft store (i.e Michaels). Spray Sealer on the backside of lace closure. Let it dry (allow 15 minutes), repeat this step again.
3. Cut Lace, leave about 1" of lace attached to the closure
4. Sew the closure onto braid. (Measure and make sure the lace is right above your hairline) You want to make sure that the start of the lace is as close to your hairline as possible (this allow a natural look). While you are sewing your silkbase closure into your braid make sure you keep it flat as possible. (you don't want any humps, you want this to look as natural as possible.)
5. Prepare the edge of your hairline for the adhesive glue by applying scalp protector above your hairline (where the adhesive glue will be applied)
6. Apply adhesive glue (we used ultra hold) right above the edge of your hairline. Allow the glue to completely dry which is normally 25-30 minutes.
7. When the glue is completely dry attach the lace to the glue.
8. Style your hair to your desire

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