Premier Virgin Brazilian hair


Premier Virgin Brazilian Hair


Our Virgin Brazilian hair is of the highest quality that we have to offer. This hair is premium hair and is directly imported from Brazil. This hair is a bit pricier because this hair is very hard to find, very rare and does not tangle even when wet. Our premier Virgin Brazilian hair feels very soft and light, and only comes in its natural virgin state of loose wavy, loose curl and straight texture. The hair is beautiful in its natural wavy and loose curl state, but is absolutely gorgeous when flat ironed and wore straight. This hair has a natural shine to it, and is very easy to maintain. Our customers swear by this product. ENJOY.



Premier Virgin Brazilian Hair - Natural Wavy
Hair goes from Wavy to Straight and vice-versa

Premier Virgin Brazilian Hair - Loose Curl
Hair goes from Loose Curl to Straight and vice-versa


Virgin Brazilian Hair - Natural Wavy



Premier Virgin Brazilian Hair - Straight

Premier Virgin Brazilian Hair - Curly



Starting Price: $149.00